The United States authorities have issued Huawei and its controlled companies a license for 90 days. Huawei said that it does not matter much for the Corporation.

The US Department of Commerce has issued Huawei a 90-day temporary General license that renews its right to provide network service and software updates for its mobile devices used in the US. This provision is valid from 20 May to 19 August this year. Not only Huawei but also 68 related companies received a temporary license.

“A 90-day license from the US government is not a big deal for Huawei. The company is ready to cope with the ban from the United States”, — said the founder of Huawei Ren Zhengfei, his words leads the Central television of China.

The company founder also noted that “Huawei can make chips as well as American companies.”

“If there is a shortage in supplies, we have a backup option: half of our chips from the US, half of our own production,” he stressed.

The day before it became known that Google Corporation stops cooperation with Huawei and that the Chinese company will have access to Android, but only in the version that is in open sources. Huawei will not be able to use Google services and programs, including the Google Play app store and Gmail email.