Huawei recently announced that it will unveil its largest TV along with the Huawei P50 line of smartphones and the new Huawei Sound X smart speaker on July 29. As it turned out, besides him it is worth waiting for another TV model.

We are talking about Huawei Smart Screen V75 Super. According to the official posters, the new product will receive a 75-inch Mini LED screen, which will have 46,080 LEDs. This will allow the panel to display a more realistic, brighter and more contrasty image with deep blacks. By the way, the new iPad Pro uses exactly the same Mini LED panel. In addition, other Apple products should receive it in the future.

Another new TV will be able to boast of high-quality sound. 20 specially tuned speakers will be responsible for it. Naturally, out of the box, the device will install the proprietary HarmonyOS operating system. How much will be asked for Huawei Smart Screen V75 Super – there is no information yet.