Hubble filmed the star “fighting for his existence”

Astronomers have shown a new image of the star AG Carina. The image was taken with the Hubble Space Telescope and was timed to coincide with its 31st anniversary.

AG Carinae or AG Carinae is a star in the constellation Carinae. Belongs to bright blue variables, it is one of the most powerful stars in the Milky Way known. The long-distance and a large amount of dust along the line of sight make it difficult for the naked eye to see this star.

Such massive blue variable stars are quite rare. The fact is that they constantly lose mass in the final stages of their existence. As a result, a large amount of stellar material is ejected into the surrounding interstellar space.

The glowing blue variable star throws it off only when it is threatened with self-destruction in the form of a supernova. Due to their massive shape and ultra-high temperatures, luminous blue variable stars like AG Carinae are constantly struggling to maintain stability.

AG Carina is surrounded by a huge nebula 10 thousand years old. It emerged from the material ejected by the star during several flares in the past. It is about five light years in diameter. At the same distance is the star Alpha Centauri from Earth.

In honor of the 31st anniversary, astronomers showed two different images of the star. In the first color photo, you can see the contrasting distribution of dust, which glows due to the reflected starlight. In the second image, red highlights the details of ionized hydrogen and nitrogen emissions from the nebula. ⁠

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