Hugh Grant recovers after the coronavirus

Hugh Grant was one of the first celebrities to suffer from COVID-19. This happened in February-March of this year when the pandemic was only taking timid steps and seemed to be localized in China. After visiting the Stephen Colbert show, Hugh told how the disease began in him.

First, Grant was sweating a lot for no apparent reason. According to him, he was drenched in sweat, as if covered with a salty poncho. Moreover, there were no other symptoms – no cough, no fever, no general malaise.

Then shortness of breath appeared – such that his eyes were ready to crawl out of their sockets. “It seemed that I was sitting on my chest some kind of overweight giant, I could hardly drag my legs and breathe heavily even in bed,” said Hugh Grant.

The third indicator later became classic. “I was walking down the street,” Grant told a quiet audience, “And suddenly I realized: something has changed … something important, but I cannot understand …” The actor lost the ability to distinguish smells and panicked greatly.

Hugh Grant noted that in February of this year it was not yet known that the loss of smell is a sure sign of the coronavirus and after the cure, the smells will return. The renowned actor urged to remain calm when infected and to take measures in order not to get infected.

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