The production will be presented to the public by the Theater Royal in Windsor.

The 82-year-old performer of the role of Gandalf in the hobbit saga Ian McKellen is preparing to play LGBT Hamlet. Theater Royal in Windsor intends to show the production to the public. The first performance is already scheduled for Monday, June 21st.

For the first time, they started talking about the possibility that McKellen might have such an opportunity back in July. True, then Ian’s candidacy was not confirmed. The director Sean Mathias himself called McKellen a man who perfectly understands Shakespeare’s work and, like no one else, would suit this role. It is noteworthy that, among other things, Matthias and McKellen had a close relationship for 10 years.

Recently it became known that McKelen will still appear in the production. His partners will also include Francesca Annis, Stephen Birkoff, Emmanuela Cole, Ben Allen and many others, according to

The web has already spoken out on this score. So, many theatergoers and simply not indifferent were not ready to see something like that.

“Anne Boleyn was flowers”, “Hamlet is not the same”, “Well, yes, really, why not strike at William of our Shakespeare,” “Guys, who will go?”, “Please don’t,” they wrote.