The Icarus session-based co-op PvE survival simulator from DayZ creator Dean Hall and his studio RocketWerkz has been pushed back from August to November this year.

However, beta tests await all players who pre-ordered Icarus. They will run on weekends from August to November. Each beta will focus on a different aspect of the game.

August 28-29

  • torrential storms disabled
  • only forest biome

September 11-12

  • torrential storms are now on
  • only forest biome

September 25-26

  • arctic biome unlocked
  • arctic animals and blizzards

October 9-10

  • desert biome unlocked
  • desert animals and storms

October 23-24

  • faction missions unlocked

November 6-7

  • special community event
  • prizes

At the same time, the authors note that hours spent in beta will not affect the ability to issue a refund.

In Icarus, players take on the role of prospectors who leave the orbital station for a limited time to travel to the planet Icarus in search of rare and valuable exoresources.

On Icarus, players will have to scout the area, engage in gathering, craft tools, track down animals and fight against unbearable conditions.

The survivors of the expedition return to orbit and use the extracted exomatter to develop new equipment for an even more risky sortie.