At the end of March, OnePlus unveiled its first smartwatch, the OnePlus Watch. Despite the fact that enough time has passed, iFixit specialists have only now reached them and published an article on the maintainability of the gadget.

By the way, OnePlus Watch has upset many reviewers, but most of the criticisms can be addressed with software updates. You can’t say the same about iFixit: the specialists who disassembled the watch and carefully studied the “stuffing” did not remain disappointed. However, OnePlus Watch did not deserve high points either.

Among the pluses is the almost complete rejection of the use of glue. Only the battery is glued (but it is not difficult to replace it) and the display, but in experienced hands this is not a problem. Two types of screws are used to hold most of the components. However, there are some cables and brackets that connect the parts, and they are more fragile in smartwatches than in larger smartphones.

Perhaps the hardest part is connecting the battery to the motherboard through the flexible sensor assembly. This assembly is non-removable and attaches to the back cover and cannot be removed, according to iFixit, without damaging anything beyond repair.

As a result, OnePlus Watch received 5 out of 10 points for maintainability.