In 10 years, 180 million people will live in flood-prone areas

By the end of the decade, scientists predict a sharp increase in the number of people at risk of flooding.

In a new study, Cloud to Street employees use satellite observations to find that the population in areas with a high risk of flooding has increased.

Basically, the authors of the work note demographic and financial reasons: housing in areas with a high probability of flooding falls in price, so poor people settle there, and it so happens that due to overpopulation it is not possible to choose another housing. This trend is observed in several countries at once and, presumably, their number will only increase.

Vulnerable populations often have no choice but to settle in inundated areas.

Research text
According to them, from 2000 to 2018, floods affected 2.23 million square kilometers worldwide, affecting from 255 to 290 million people. At the same time, almost 90% of floods occur in the countries of South and Southeast Asia.

In addition, a similar trend is seen in southern Latin America, the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa.

The most common causes of flooding are heavy rainfall, tropical storms and melting snow and glaciers. Dam breaks account for only 2% of all floods, but they tend to cause the most damage.

The study authors suggested that by 2030 the floods will affect the population of 25 more countries.

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