In the USA, June 2021 was recognized as the hottest month in the history of observations.

In 2021, over 400 temperature records were recorded around the world. This is reported by The Guardian with reference to meteorologist Maximiliano Herrera, who annually publishes the results of his observations of record temperatures.

The hottest months in the entire history of observations were recorded in seven countries at once, including Turkey and Canada. At the same time, record cold temperatures were recorded in several countries, such as in Spain, where the thermometer dropped to a record -35.8 °C.

Not only national records were also broken, but also records on a continental scale. In Africa, June and September were the hottest in the history of observations, and in Italy in August, a record temperature for Europe was recorded at +48 ° C.

Record temperatures were also recorded in the United States, where June 2021 was recognized as the hottest month on record. June temperatures were the highest that American scientists have seen in 127 years of tracking temperatures in the United States and throughout North America. Moreover, in California’s Death Valley, the absolute temperature record on the planet was registered for the second time, amounting to +54.4 °C.

According to Maximiliano Herrera’s observations, record cold days were recorded at some weather stations in Nebraska, North Dakota and Colorado, while record hot days were recorded in Arizona, Montana, Utah, New Mexico, as well as in Oregon and Washington State, where temperature records were set at several dozen stations at once.