The British military fears that the aircraft carrier group with the ship Queen Elizabeth during the 28-week campaign may be under attack by hacker groups, the media reported.

According to the Times newspaper, such concerns were expressed after NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said about the scale of cyber threats and working out how to counter them during the exercises.

According to the commander of the aircraft carrier group, Steve Moorhouse, a team of experts in the field of digital technologies is present on the ships of the British group, which should monitor anomalies in this matter.

It is noted that during the campaign of the aircraft carrier group, the military on board will be asked to turn off mobile phones and take out SIM cards to prevent cyberattacks or reduce the risk of their impact. It is also expected that enemy states may launch attacks on ship systems as they pass off the coasts of some countries.

Earlier in the Network, “impressive photos” appeared which captured the recent joint exercises in the North Atlantic with the participation of the Ragnar Viking of the British Navy, the US Navy, as well as the French Navy and the Royal Norwegian Navy.  On the British side, the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth, the Type 45 Diamond and Defender destroyers, the Type 23 Kent and Richmond frigates, the Fort Victoria-class auxiliary ship, the Tide-class Tidespring tanker, and the Astute-class nuclear submarine were involved.