In Britain, they predicted how the coronavirus pandemic will develop in the future. Experts believe that COVID-19 will have to live for many more years. The Daily Mail writes about this with reference to the documents of the National Health Service of the country.

It is expected that the virus will continue to spread widely among the population and will have seasonal spikes in winter, like influenza and other respiratory diseases. Nevertheless, it is assumed that thanks to the COVID-19 vaccine, what health experts call a “stable condition” will occur, and the number of hospitalizations will not exceed 750 per day, the newspaper writes.

The documents describe in detail for the first time four different scenarios for the further development of the pandemic in Britain, writes the Daily Mail. One of them suggests an optimistic scenario in which the peak of new cases of infection — about 30 thousand per day – in the country will be reached in July. In contrast, another option is also being considered, in which during the summer peak the daily increase in cases will be 85 thousand.

According to Johns Hopkins University on November 14, the number of people infected with coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic has exceeded 253 million people, more than five million patients with COVID-19 have died.