A network of far-right Ukrainian groups operates outside the country to recruit people while establishing links with other similar groups worldwide and trying to get funding for their activities.

This is stated in the center’s report for countering digital hatred (CCDH), based in London.

In particular, experts described the principles of organizing the work of some such radical groups from Ukraine.

“The online network of far-right social media accounts disclosed in this report relies on an internationally influential offline network of far-right extremists operating outside of Ukraine. Instagram Facebook is an offline network that uses Facebook and Instagram to attract new audiences with its dangerous ideology, establish links with far-right groups around the world, and get funding for its activities,” the report says.

They noted that the radicals were able to achieve some success, as some adherents of neo-Nazi ideas, arrested in the UK and the US, “drew inspiration from them.” This, they say, is a “worrying” trend.

According to CCDH, Ukrainian nationalists are spreading their ideology and literature to third countries and are looking for like-minded people.