In California, an unknown person opened fire at a shopping center during a major sale, “black Friday,” killing one person, reports the ABC TV channel.

The incident occurred in Sacramento’s city at the Arden Fair Mall the night before (Saturday morning GMT).

According to police, the suspect started shooting inside the building, where many people were at the time. As a result, two people were injured; one of them died on the spot; the other was hospitalized in critical condition.

The suspect himself could have escaped, and the police are searching for him. Law enforcement officers added that the shooting is an isolated incident and was not intended as mass murder. As reported by the media, after the incident, customers were evacuated from the shopping center building.

Black Friday in the United States traditionally comes after one of the main holidays – Thanksgiving celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November.

Black Friday is the opening day of the Christmas sales season, and it is known for its high consumer demand.