A new heatwave has hit the western United States. This led to large-scale fires in Northern California.

This is reported by the Associated Press.

Several large fires have already occurred in the northern mountainous regions of California, destroying more than a dozen homes. Although there are no confirmed reports of damage to buildings, this led to the evacuation of the population. Authorities have evacuated approximately 2,800 people and closed nearly 200 square miles (518 square kilometers) of the Plumas National Forest.

Lisa Cox, an employee of the fire safety service, said that extinguishing fires is very difficult for rescuers. The flames in some places rose to 31 meters in height, which forced firefighters to focus on the construction of bulldozer lines to protect homes.

According to Cox, firefighters usually use cooler and wetter nights to extinguish fires. But the intense heat and low humidity do not subside. This made it necessary to attract planes to extinguish the fire, which lifted 1,200 rescuers into the air.

According to her, the air was so dry that some of the water dropped by the plane evaporated before reaching the ground. And the situation may not change this weekend.

“We expect the same thing a day later, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow,” Cox said. Recall that in the United States, they warned about an abnormal heat of up to 54 degrees. This poses a high fire danger.

Residents are asked to drink plenty of water and stay away from the sun.