About eighteen police officers were injured in the American city of Chicago, protecting the monument to the Navigator Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) from protesters against racism, the local newspaper Chicago Sun-Times reported, citing law enforcement officers.

According to the newspaper, the incident occurred on Friday evening. A large group of people gathered in Grant Park, where the monument is located, at about 16.20 local time. According to the newspaper, at one point, the protesters held on to the ends of a rope thrown over the statue.

“Columbus was a murderer, Columbus was a thief,” the crowd chanted, according to the Chicago Tribune.

According to the publications, the protesters threw various objects at the guards, who in turn used batons against the participants of the action. The demonstrators were pushed away from the statue by 20.30 local time. It is reported that some of the victims were hospitalized, and law enforcement officers detained at least 12 people.

Although the monument is still in place, the protesters left inscriptions on it. The statue featured slogans such as Black Lives Matter, as well as a call for the “decolonization” of Chicago.