The Chinese publication Sohu assessed the character of Russian President Vladimir Putin by a bouquet of flowers that he presented to German Chancellor Angela Merkel before the bilateral talks in Moscow.

Journalists suggested that this gesture reveals the Russian leader as a firm and polite person who is “inherent in romance.”

According to the publication, the president’s emotional intelligence “complements his high IQ.”

Putin also gave flowers to Merkel at the talks in May 2018. After the meeting, the German newspaper Bild wrote an article that suggested that the Russian president handed flowers to the German Chancellor to emphasize that she is a woman and to indicate that he is in a position of strength.

As Vladimir Shevchenko, the head of the protocol of the first president of the country, Boris Yeltsin later explained, the bouquet fully corresponded to the traditions. Shevchenko said that regardless of the nature of the meeting, a woman is supposed to give a bouquet of flowers according to the protocol.