At a recent fall presentation dedicated to MacBook Pro laptops with M1 Pro and M1 Max processors, the announced cleaning cloth for displays of proprietary technology made much more hype. Apparently, there is a demand for it, as now the napkin is in short supply: Apple promises to start deliveries to those who place orders only in 10-12 weeks. In China, they took advantage of this situation and offer their own analog.

The Chinese have launched the production of a similar rag, which looks identical in appearance. The only thing missing is the Apple logo. But you can get it now, without waiting for several months, and the price is much lower: if the napkin costs $ 19 in the official Apple store, then the cost of the Chinese counterpart is about $ 3.

Also, a napkin “like Apple” began to sell on AliExpress. The seller assures that it is suitable for cleaning the screens of smartphones, laptops, tablets, smart watches and other Apple gadgets. However, there are no reviews yet.

On AliExpress, the price tag is not so low – $ 5.98 per piece. But for $ 17.45, you can order a whole set of five rags.

Let us remind you that iFixit specialists carefully examined the Apple napkin and found out that it is ordinary microfiber.