In China, they proposed making super-fast trains with wings. This will reduce the load on the chassis

Scientists from the Chengdu Hydrodynamics Innovation Center, led by research engineer Zhang Jun, proposed to equip high-speed trains with wings.

China is developing a new generation of bullet trains that will travel at a speed of 450 km / h. Now roads are being created for them, but the external mode of transport has not yet been determined, so Chinese scientists are proposing different configurations. One of the options is a train with wings, such a device will help reduce the load on the wheelsets.

The authors of the new work calculated the aerodynamic behavior of high-speed trains with wings and found that one carriage with five pairs of small wings would reduce the load on the train chassis by 30%. This will increase speed and reduce wear on wheelsets and other mechanics responsible for workloads.

The wings are proposed to be placed on the roof of the train and carriages. The optimum installation height is approximately one and a half two meters. It cannot be placed below due to high turbulence in the roof area of ​​the train, and it does not make sense higher – the infrastructure, for example, platforms at which the train stops, will interfere.

The new project has already been criticized. In their opinion, the installation of the wings will entail a lot of other problems, for example, a sharp increase in noise and vibrations, as well as possible interference with the operation of pantographs – these are devices that remove power from the air conductive cable above the train.

But the authors are confident that their solution is cost-effective and even more efficient than maglev – levitating trains on a magnetic levitation. Earlier, a prototype of such a transport was presented in China.

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