The Chinese authorities wanted to change the demographic policy. This is reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Beijing plans to completely remove birth control restrictions for the population by 2025. Among the reasons for changing the political course are the slowdown in the country’s economic development and the distortion of the composition of the population.

To date, the lowest birth rate is registered in the provincial regions of China, so the innovations will primarily affect residents of rural areas.

In May, Chinese leader Xi Jinping told senior party officials that China’s aging population threatens national security, The Wall Street Journal reported. He decided to take immediate action to address this problem.

On May 31, it became known that the Chinese authorities allowed local families to have three children. It is not yet known when the decision will take effect.

Almost 1.4 billion people now live in China. From 1979 to 2015, Beijing implemented a demographic policy of “one family — one child.” In 2016, residents of the country were allowed to have no more than two children.

The authorities have already thought that the birth rate policy should be reviewed since at the beginning of 2020, the birth rate in China fell to a record. The number of the working-age population, which includes people from 16 to 59 years old, has also decreased: during the year, they were reduced by 890 thousand people. At the same time, the country’s population is rapidly aging.