The situation outside the Russian Embassy in Ecuador is turbulent, groups of protesters gather every day, and there were attempts to attack the car of the diplomatic mission, Russian Ambassador to Ecuador Vladimir Sprinchan told.

“10-15 people gather at the embassy every day, come with pots and pans (knocking on pots is a traditional form of protest in Latin America), turn on the air alarm siren, shout obscene slogans in Russian and Spanish, in Ukrainian not speak, apparently, these are Ukrainians who have long left for Ecuador and those who forgot native language. They insult us in every way, they call us to resign from the Russian civil service,” the diplomat said.

“It’s restless; there were attempts to reach the embassy fence. They make noise from ten in the morning until two in the afternoon; we are blocked half of the working time. There were a couple of attempts to attack the car, hit it with frying pans and pots,” Sprinchan added.

He noted that the staff of the diplomatic mission try not to provoke the protesters – “we are waiting for them to disperse.” “On Wednesday, young people, Ecuadorians, are being called on social networks. We will see,” the Ambassador said.

The diplomat said that the embassy wrote a note to the Foreign Ministry, contacted the police, there is a guard outside the building around the clock.

There have been no allegations of harassment by Russian citizens. “Although we are asked what to do and how to behave. We tell them – try not to give a reason, not to provoke, do not engage in ideological and political discussions, leave it to us,” said Sprinchan.