In France, four more cases of thrombosis were detected after the AstraZeneca vaccination

In France, from April 23 to May 6, four new cases of thrombosis were recorded in connection with the use of the coronavirus vaccine from AstraZeneca, and two of them were fatal, according to the National Agency for Drug Safety (Agence Nationale de sécurité du médicament (ANSM).

“Four new cases of atypical thrombosis were analyzed during the specified period, of which two were fatal, now the total number of cases of thrombosis (in France) since the start of vaccination is 34, of which 11 were fatal,” the ANSM report says.

It is reported that the reasons for the formation of blood clots in some vaccinated patients from CAVID-19 are unknown, but the “role of the adenovirus vector” is one of the hypotheses. The ANSM could not identify a specific age group that would be at risk for blood clots. The European Medicines Agency, after reviewing additional information on the AstraZeneca vaccine, reported that its benefits outweigh the risks associated with it, but recognized the possibility of an association between vaccination and the very rare occurrence of thromboembolic complications in patients. The regulator considers it necessary to add the rare possibility of such complications to the list of side effects of this vaccine. At the same time, experts have not yet been able to confirm any specific risk factors associated with AstraZeneca and can provoke thrombosis. What is known is that most of the cases already reported occurred in women under 60 years of age within two weeks of vaccination.

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