An elderly resident of the city of Munster, Horst Eschler, donated over a million euros to victims of floods in western Germany, and he also managed to attract the Bayern football club to solve the problem. This is reported by the radio station Antenne Münster.

At first, the 82-year-old Eshler donated a million euros: according to him, he went for it after seeing the scale of the flood in a TV show.

“This is for people who have lost everything. And I still have enough money to buy bread tomorrow,” the German pensioner admitted.

Speaking about his action, Eschler, a long-term fan of the Bayern football club, criticized his favorite players for insufficient help. Before that, Bayern held a friendly match with Cologne (this city is located in the Nordrhein-Westfalen region, where the elements raged) and donated 100 thousand euros after it. But the pensioner is convinced that the amount could have been more.

“Don’t be stingy! I know that you regularly donate to charity. But now you need to open your wallet again,” he stressed.

A day after the pensioner’s appeal, the team announced that it would hold a charity match with the local Schalke in the city of Gelsenkirchen in the Nordrhein-Westfalen region, all proceeds from which will be directed to help flood victims. The date of the game has not yet been determined.