In Germany again spoke out against the “Nord stream-2”

The candidate for chancellor from the German Green Party, Annalena Baerbock, again spoke out against the completion of the construction and use of the “Nord stream-2” pipeline.

Baerbock is the co-chairman of the Green Party, because of the high ratings, the party decided in April for the first time to nominate its candidate for chancellor, which historically only the conservative CDU/CSU bloc and the Social Democrats have done. Elections to the Bundestag will be held on September 26, some opinion polls show the leadership of the “Greens” in the election race, but some point to equal ratings or the leadership of the CDU/CSU. At the same time, as a candidate for chancellor, Baerbock is ahead of his competitors in the polls.

“I think the problem in recent years has been that we have not pursued an active foreign policy, and this is the result of the lack of an active German foreign policy, because Germany is the largest player in the EU, and if the EU wants to play a foreign policy role, as well as its own role in neighboring regions, then it needs an open but active German foreign policy.”

She noted that Germany should not dictate to others what to do, but when it is “passive, it is more difficult for others.” “The Baltic states and Poland-although I have disagreements with some politicians and governments, especially in Poland – but we are friends, and they say that they are scared because of the situation in Ukraine, and Germany was not firmly on their side,” she continued.

In particular, she noted that after the events in Ukraine in 2014, Europe decided that it should become less dependent on its energy policy, but the German government continues to support the “Nord stream-2” pipeline. According to her, this is contrary to the sanctions policy. “This is what I have criticized in recent years, and what should change in the future and there should be a common European foreign policy that unites everyone,” the politician said. Asked what Baerbock would do about “Nord stream-2,” she said that “in my opinion, we can’t complete it.” “But the problem is that the pipeline is already at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, there is already a connecting pipeline in my region (Brandenburg). But this pipeline is contrary to our sanctions, so it cannot be started (used). Especially because after a couple of years, if we have gas through this pipeline, there will be a decrease in supplies through Ukraine. This is a new security threat for Ukrainians, so no gas can go through this pipeline, because otherwise there will be big security problems in Ukraine. I think it’s important to be in the front row, not to be so passive about this project, ” she added.

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