The United States and the European Union are acting correctly when they threaten Moscow with sanctions in the event of an escalation in Ukraine, but it makes no sense to discuss each restrictive measure openly, German Economy Minister, Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck believes.

“It makes no sense to openly analyze individual sanctions. We are currently in a dangerous situation, and the goal should be de-escalation. At the same time, it is right that the United States and the European Union together say that Russia will pay a high economic price if it invades Ukraine,” Habek replied to a question about Russia’s potential disconnection from the SWIFT international payment system.

He also noted that in the case of “aggression” by the Russian Federation, “one can imagine any sanctions that can force Russia to retreat.”

The politician also criticized the “Nord Stream-2” project, which, in his opinion, contributes to Europe’s dependence on Russian gas.

“Nord Stream-2″ reinforces the need to diversify gas supplies. The last few weeks and the conflict in eastern Ukraine have increased our concern that Russia is also using gas supplies against German interests,” the politician said.