Hundreds of homes in the Attica metropolitan area are without power for the sixth day after a snowfall on Tuesday and Wednesday, Greece’s distribution network operator HEDNO said.

The media and the opposition accuse the Greek authorities of failing to cope with the electricity supply problems.

The snowfall that took place in Athens on Tuesday and Wednesday was the strongest in the last 40 years. In the center of Athens, it snowed for 24 hours, and in Attica – 36 hours, about 20-25 centimeters of snow fell. The sleet broke branches and whole trees, which tore the wires.

The northern suburbs of Athens were mostly affected, with 70,000 households without electricity. Although the snow in most of Attica melted on Wednesday, it still lies in the northern areas, just a few kilometers from the center of Athens.

Greek power engineers promised to restore electricity to all homes in Attica by Wednesday evening, but by Wednesday evening, 10 thousand people were without electricity. The work is slow. Over the past day, it was possible to restore electricity to about 300 homes, but about 400 more remain without electricity.

“After repairing the damage to the medium-voltage network, the work of the power engineering teams continues in the low-voltage network in the districts of Agios Stefanos, Drosia, Aniksi, Dionysos, Ekali, and Kifissia. It is estimated that the number of households that still have problems with electricity supply is less than 400, and the work of specialists continues at a stable pace,” the report says.

Restoration of power supply requires work on each power source separately, the company emphasizes.