In India, against the background of COVID-19, cases of fungal infection have become more frequent

In India, against the background of the aggravation of the situation with COVID-19, a growing number of cases of mucormycosis began to be recorded, India Today reports, citing the Department of Medical Education and Research.

The disease is a rare fungal infection, which is also called “black mold.” It affects the sinuses or lungs after inhaling the spores of the fungus, most often found in damp rooms and surfaces, soil, plants, rotting vegetables, and fruits.

It is reported that most often mucormycosis is diagnosed in patients with COVID-19 and those who have recently recovered.

According to a member of the government organization NITI Aayog, Dr. Paul, after placing a patient with COVID-19 on a ventilator, the chances of getting a fungal infection increase.

In particular, in the Indian state of Gujarat, 40 cases of “black mold” have been identified over the past two weeks. Several patients lost their sight because of this.

According to the PTI news agency, which refers to a senior official, in the state of Maharashtra, at least eight people survived the coronavirus infection but died after contracting mucormycosis. India ranks second in the world in the number of detected cases of coronavirus. The total number of COVID-19 cases in the country has exceeded 22.2 million. Maharashtra remains the leader among the states — over the past day, 56.5 thousand cases were recorded there. This is followed by Karnataka (47,563), Kerala (42,972), Tamil Nadu (27,397), and Uttar Pradesh (26,636).

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