This number is comparable to the total number of cases in the second half of 2021.

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in the world in January increased by 90 million at once. This is 3.6 times more than in December, 4.7 times more than last January, and is comparable to the total number of cases in the second half of 2021.

Thus, the incidence on the planet reached its maximum during the pandemic: in the last week alone, 22 million infections were confirmed in the world, which was the largest value for the entire time of the spread of a new infection.

However, in a number of countries, the incidence has already gone down. Against this background, the authorities are canceling the main restrictions, including even the mask regime, and announce that they will soon treat coronavirus infection as a common cold. Free News has collected key statistics of the pandemic over the past month.

Epicenters of the new wave

Most of the cases – about 20 million – were detected in the United States in a month. However, if at the beginning of January about 600 thousand new cases were registered there per day, and by the middle – 900 thousand, then in the last days of the month – already 300 thousand.

In France, the maximum – over 500 thousand infected per day – was recorded on January 25. But by February 1, the number of detected infections had decreased by almost a quarter.

In India, the new wave was not as powerful as the previous one – the spring one, when the number of cases per day exceeded 400 thousand. The peak indicator in mid-January was slightly less than 350 thousand cases in one day, and by the end of the month the incidence had decreased by about half – to 170 thousand.

In Argentina, the peak of the next wave of the pandemic also occurred in mid-January, when about 140 thousand infected people were recorded there per day (now about 40 thousand). At the same time, 2.7 million infected people were identified in the republic in just a month, compared to 360 thousand in December.

Somewhere, the spread of infection is still accelerating: in January, the incidence immediately increased 10-fold in Germany, peaked in Poland and the Czech Republic (about 55 thousand infected per day), as well as in Ukraine and Romania (about 35 thousand). In Russia, 1.4 million infections were reported per month, which exceeded the December figure by more than one and a half times, and in Turkey, the number of detected cases almost tripled from the end of last year to the beginning of February.

Without masks and restrictions

In the UK, the rate of infection has almost tripled since the beginning of the year (now about 80 thousand infected people are registered there every day). Against this background, the country decided to cancel the effect of vaccine passports, mask regime and self-isolation. According to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the country “will treat COVID-19 like a cold.”

The Swedish authorities also decided to abolish all COVID restrictions from February 9. According to Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson, “infection rates will remain high for some time, but the most severe consequences of infection, apparently, are already over.” Neighboring Denmark, Norway and Finland, as well as Switzerland, are also canceling restrictive measures.

In Brazil, despite the fact that the rise in morbidity continues (more than 280 thousand cases are recorded per day), the authorities are also considering the option of recognizing COVID as an endemic disease.

Low mortality

Despite the serious rise in morbidity, mortality due to a new infection in the world is practically not growing – in January, more than 233 thousand infected people died on the planet, which is only 10% higher than in December and turned out to be noticeably less than a year ago, when more than 400 thousand deaths due to COVID were registered.

The highest mortality rate is still in the United States – more than 3 thousand deaths are registered there every day, and about 65 thousand deaths were recorded in a month. However, in January 2021, these figures were almost one and a half times higher.

The number of deaths has increased dramatically in India – in the last days of last month, about 1 thousand sick people died there per day, which has not happened since July. A slight increase in mortality is observed in some European countries – Italy, Spain, Great Britain, and France. Now 300-400 deaths are registered there every day, although previously the figure did not exceed 100.