In London, queues formed at gas stations due to lack of fuel

Motorists are standing in a huge queue at a gas station in east London, despite the fact that there is no fuel there, and in the central part of the British capital, the entrance to some gas stations is completely closed due to lack of fuel.

Britain has faced disruptions in the food supply chain over the past few months due to a shortage of truck drivers and fuel trucks. This led to the fact that oil companies were forced to close some gas stations. Residents of the country began to buy gasoline in a panic, despite the statements of the authorities that there are no problems with fuel reserves.

The driver, Ahmed, who was standing at the beginning of the queue at the gas station, said that if he does not refuel today, he will not be able to take the children to school and get to work tomorrow.

“It’s crazy, but I’d rather wait here than drive around London in search of another gas station and use up the fuel that I still have in the tank,” he said.

Like Ahmed, other motorists lined up in a long queue that stretched for several blocks. Employees of the gas station, who preferred to remain anonymous, said they do not expect fuel soon.

At the Shell gas station on Old Brompton Street in the South Kensington district, the entrance for cars is closed; all gas stations have the words “sorry, not serviced” on them. At the Shell food kiosk at the gas station, an employee confirmed that there was no fuel.

“I have no idea when it will be,” he said.

Several cars that arrived at the gas station were forced to turn around. Another man approached the station to take pictures of empty gas stations.

“Do you know why there is no fuel? It’s all because of Brexit,” he said.

About a kilometer from the Shell gas station, the gas stations at the ESSO gas station are completely cordoned off with metal fences; they have the words “sorry, there is no diesel fuel” on them.

Meanwhile, the British authorities assure that there are no problems with the fuel reserves in the country itself, and urge residents not to panic.

On Saturday, the British government adopted a package of measures to solve the labor shortage problem in the country, including the issuance of 5,000 short-term visas to truck drivers. On Sunday, the Ministry for Business, Energy, and Industry of Britain decided to temporarily exclude the oil industry from the competition law to minimize interruptions in the supply of fuel to gas stations.

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