Sanders desperately needs to win this state to restore the momentum lost after the “Super Tuesday.”

For Bernie Sanders to remain competitive against Joe Biden for the Democratic presidential nomination, he needs to repeat what he already did four years ago – win the Michigan primary, although it will be more difficult now.

On the eve of Tuesday’s vote, Biden is showing popularity among the same groups of voters that Vermont Senator Sanders.

Sanders needs a win in Michigan after former Vice President Biden seized control of the race following a “super Tuesday” victory in both southern states, as well as in Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Texas.

On Tuesday, voting will take place in six states, but the most intense fight will unfold for Michigan, as it sends the largest of the six number of delegates to the party convention – 125. For the party’s nomination, a candidate needs to get at least one delegate to the Convention, so this is a critical moment for Sanders, who is trying to restore lost momentum.
In addition to Michigan, Tuesday’s primaries will be held in the States of Washington, Mississippi, Missouri, and Idaho. There will be Caucuses in North Dakota.

Sanders ‘ defeat in Michigan will make Biden the undisputed front-runner, as the nomination process enters friendly territory for a candidate remembered as the “number two man ” in President Barack Obama’s historic administration.