The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, has declared a state of emergency against the background of the approaching hurricane “Henri,” the authorities are afraid of heavy rains, wind gusts, and power outages governor’s press service reports.

A state of emergency has been imposed in some counties, including the city of New York.

“A storm that is expected to reach hurricane strength… according to forecasts, it will affect coastal areas, hitting with storm gusts, heavy rains, may lead to widespread power outages,” the report says.

Governor Cuomo has prepared 500 National Guard personnel to deploy to Long Island and the Hudson Valley area to help local authorities, if necessary, prevent and eliminate the consequences of the storm. In addition, he detached 11 military trucks and 14 Hummer cars.

Cuomo also asks U.S. President Joe Biden to declare a state of emergency, which would authorize the Federal Emergency Management Agency to take emergency measures, including providing direct federal assistance to New Yorkers, after the passage of Hurricane Henry.

“New Yorkers are no stranger to the damage that can be caused by a hurricane-we experienced this during Superstorm Sandy, and Henry should become a storm of the same level,” Cuomo said.

According to forecasts, the hurricane could reach New York as early as Sunday afternoon.

The governor urged residents of the state to take the warning seriously, prepare for possible power outages, stock up on necessary supplies, and avoid places where there will be flooding.