Heavy rains in the American city of New York led to flooding, several metro stations were flooded, traffic on the roads was difficult, the New York Times newspaper reports.

Severe thunderstorms hit the city and its surroundings on Thursday, the subsequent floods led to the flooding of individual roads, some subway passengers were waist-deep in water and were forced to almost “swim” to get out of New York subway.

Sarah Feinberg, interim president of the New York City Transit Authority, urged residents to stay at home if possible. She said that the floods were caused by “very heavy rains in a short period of time,” also noting that “the drainage systems are working well.”

“We have strengthened the stations in the coastal flood zones … Please be careful and do not enter flooded stations while our crews are working to solve this problem,” the New York City Transit Authority said in a statement on Twitter. New York is expected to be hit by the elements once again on Friday when tropical storm Elsa passes through the region.