In Paris on Saturday, December 1, several hundred people went to the action against the increase in the cost of higher education for students who are not citizens of the European Union. From the 2019 academic year, entry to the French University will cost them ten times more than before: from 2770 to 3770 euros, depending on the level of training.

The action, which was attended by both foreign students and the French, took place in front of the Pantheon in the center of Paris. “The same education is the same cost,” the participants shouted.

Leela Le Ba, the President of the student Union of UNEF, told France-Presse that the increase in the cost of education will increase the level of inequality in universities. In her opinion, the new initiative of the government will dramatically reduce the number of students from Africa: now they make up 45% of all foreigners in French Universities.

“Parents help students in the first year, but then they have to find a part — time job and survive on their own, — said Titian, a student from Senegal, – If the cost increases, the study will have to quit.” In her view, France was responsible for French-speaking students from Africa.

As Prime Minister Eduard Philippe said earlier, the French authorities will triple the number of scholarships for foreign students at the same time as the cost of entry to universities will change. Student unions have called this measure “insufficient”. As noted in the UNEF, many of those who will not be able to receive financial assistance from the state, will be forced to stop training.

The French government announced plans to increase tuition for non-European Union students on November 19. A year of study in the undergraduate will now cost students 2770 euros, and in graduate and postgraduate studies-3770 euros.

As specified by the state organization Campus France, which is engaged in attracting and placement of foreign students, the price will increase only those who first enroll in a French University or go to another program — for example, will continue to study in the master’s degree after bachelor’s degree.