In Paris, there were again violent clashes between the police and protesters against the introduction of sanitary passes.

Not far from the Arc de Triomphe, law enforcement officers began beating aggressive demonstrators with batons. Then the detentions began. The protesters tied their hands and sat them down on the asphalt.

“Thank you to the law enforcement forces mobilized to accompany the demonstrations today. I strongly condemn the aggressive behavior directed against some policemen, gendarmes and journalists. Nine people were arrested in Paris,” French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin wrote on Twitter.

On Saturday, large-scale protests were held in many cities of France against the introduction of sanitary passes and mandatory vaccination of medical workers. The participants of the demonstrations called the proposed measures a restriction of freedoms and a “sanitary dictatorship.”

New restrictions in France

French President Emmanuel Macron made a televised address to the nation on July 12 and announced new restrictive measures due to the coronavirus epidemic.

In particular, from August, restaurants, bars, shopping centers, planes, and long-distance trains will need a sanitary pass indicating vaccination or a negative test for COVID-19. Starting from July 21, it must be presented when visiting festivals, performances, amusement parks.

In addition, the country introduces mandatory vaccination for doctors and workers in hospitals and nursing homes. According to Macron, from September 15, they will begin to conduct inspections and punish non-compliance with measures. As the head of the Ministry of Health Olivier Veran later explained, unvaccinated medical staff will not be able to work and receive a salary.

After Macron’s appeal, a corresponding bill was prepared. The document was approved by the National Assembly; it was submitted to the Senate for consideration.