In Portland, a memorial event on the anniversary of Floyd’s death ended in riots and arrests

The police detained the most aggressive participants of the action, according to the Fox News channel.

Mass riots, accompanied by acts of vandalism and clashes with the police, ended on Tuesday evening in Portland (Oregon), a memorial event organized by local activists on the anniversary of the death of African-American George Floyd, the guards declared what was happening a riot. This was reported on Wednesday by the Fox News channel.

About 200 demonstrators dressed in black gathered outside the city court the night before. They began to throw stones and bottles at the police and attempted to set fire to the building. Windows were smashed; walls and exposed metal barriers were damaged. “We warned specific people that if they continue these actions, they will be subjected to detention and the use of force,” the TV channel quotes one of the Portland police officers as saying. The police detained the most aggressive participants of the action, the number of those taken under the experience is not called.

The demonstrators continued to break windows and set fire to garbage cans, as a result of which the police detained some of them, the total number of those taken under the service is not reported. Then some of the crowd proceeded to the city hall, where they continued to break windows, including in the nearest offices and cafes. At 10:00 pm local time, the police declared the incident a riot and took additional measures to restore order, including arrests “for participation in criminal acts”.

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