In Rio de Janeiro, 25 people were killed in a shootout with police

Police in Rio de Janeiro killed 25 people during a police raid in a slum in the city. The Brazilian TV channel G1 reported this.

According to the TV channel, as a result of a shootout with bandits, one policeman was shot in the head, and two more were injured.

Also injured were two subway passengers who were then in the train car traveling past the slum area.

G1 reports that the shooting occurred because of a police operation to combat drug trafficking in the Jacarezinho area.

Earlier in the state of California in the city of Orange, four people were killed in a shooting, including a 9-year-old child, two were injured. The shooting occurred in a two-story office building. The police arrived at the scene and shot the attacker several times. Police told NBC that a semi-automatic handgun, pepper spray, handcuffs, and ammunition were found in the backpack at the scene.

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