VILNIUS – Two-day exercises of the NATO air force Ramstein Alloy 19-2 began on Tuesday in the skies of Lithuania, as well as other Baltic countries. The command of the armed forces (AF) of the Republic reported it.

“The aim of the training is to improve control over the airspace of the Baltic States in cooperation with the allies carrying out the air police mission in the skies of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia,” the report said.

During the exercises, the procedures of search and rescue operations, actions in case of loss of communication with the aircraft, refueling of aircraft in the air will be practiced.

Participation in Ramstein Alloy takes located at the Lithuanian air force base Zokniai, where they patrol the airspace of the Baltic States, the fighters of the air forces of Hungary JAS-39 Gripen and air force Spanish F-18 fighters and also the RAF Eurofighter Typhoon performing a similar mission with the Estonian air base Amari. The exercises also involved the air force of Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Finland, NATO long-range radar detection aircraft E-3A.

The exercises are held in the international airspace, as well as in the airspace of Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia.