According to the estimates of the U.S. military and intelligence, referred to by the NBC News, possible civilian casualties could reach 50 thousand killed and wounded.

In the event of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Russian military may use nine different routes, NBC News reported, citing estimates by the U.S. military and intelligence.

Russian tanks can reach Kiev in 48 hours, the TV company noted.

The report says that Moscow has already deployed about 100 of its 168 battalion tactical groups, each of which consists of 800-900 military personnel, and every day there are more and more of them.

According to these estimates, President Vladimir Putin has sent personnel and equipment of six special forces units to the region, each of which consists of 250-300 elite fighters.

The two largest invasion scenarios involve a simultaneous attack from several sides, a maneuver known as “pincers” or double coverage, NBC News reported.

According to one approach, the Russian military will seize most of the Ukrainian territory east of the Dnieper River, where about 50 percent of the Ukrainian armed forces, including the most combat-ready units, are located, the report says.

Russian tanks and mechanized units will cross the border of Ukraine and move towards Poltava and Kharkiv, surrounding the cities as they move towards the river. The ground forces will advance in three directions from the Donbas, moving south to the Crimea and seizing the coast along the Sea of Azov.

Russian military helicopters will simultaneously support an air attack from Crimea, the report says.

This option may also include landing troops to capture the Black Sea coast, as well as the transfer of aircraft and ground units from Odessa to Moldova to create a land corridor along the Black Sea, NBC News noted.

Russia has already deployed submarines and five amphibious ships with marine battalions off the coast of Ukraine. Another six, according to estimates, may arrive there in a few days, the TV company reported.

An even more aggressive option provides for two more attack routes from the north to encircle Kyiv. It includes the use of artillery fire, electronic warfare and the possible advance of ground troops south from Belarus to Zhytomyr and east to Kyiv, NBC News reported.

According to estimates, with good road conditions in the area, Russian tanks and military equipment could be on the outskirts of Kyiv in two days, the TV company said.

The Russian military has deployed two modern S-400 air defense systems in Belarus, which will provide them with air superiority over a significant part of the country’s territory with the ability to intercept aircraft and missiles, NBC News reported.

Both attacks will open with a massive artillery strike, medium-range ballistic missiles and bombers. It is likely to be carried out at night and aimed at ammunition depots, radar stations, aviation and air defense systems, as well as other critical military facilities of Ukraine, the TV company reported.

Russia will try to deprive Ukraine of the opportunity to defend itself in the first hours, the assessment says. It will carry out cyber-attacks and use electronic warfare (jamming) to disrupt communication between Ukrainian military units stationed in different parts of the country.

The assessment contains gloomy forecasts of possible civilian casualties in the event of a full-scale Russian invasion, up to 50,000 dead and wounded, NBC News reported.