The US Department of Justice has changed the rules for implementing the death penalty for criminals at the Federal level, CNN reports.

According to journalists, in states where this type of punishment is allowed, special injections are used. However, the authorities often face the fact that pharmaceutical companies refuse to provide drugs to the government, which is why it is necessary to use alternative methods of execution in some regions that are not prescribed in the legislation.

The changes will allow the authorities to expand how death sentences are imposed. Therefore, the injection will add a firing squad, a gas chamber, or an electric chair. These changes are expected to take effect on December 24.

In June, the United States resumed the death penalty at the Federal level for the first time since 2003. Then it was reported about the punishment of four criminals who were found guilty of killing children; two of them were also found guilty of rape victims.

The channel estimates that 54 people are on Federal death row.