According to experts, steady income growth will allow people to pay more for goods in the face of rising prices.

The volume of pre-Christmas and New Year’s Eve sales in the United States could grow by 10 percent this year, the National Retail Federation (NRF) said.

Large manufacturers of consumer goods and trading companies are trying to prevent disruptions in supply chains so that shelves with in-demand toys and games are not empty.

According to the forecasts of the NRF, sales in November-December will grow by 8.5-10.5 percent, that is, to 843.4-859 billion dollars. For comparison, last year they amounted to $ 777.3 billion.

Household income and savings growth has never been so powerful, and it will help people pay more for goods when companies raise prices to cope with inflation, the NRF said.

The organization noted that this year there is an exceptional demand for holiday goods; although a survey conducted last week showed that consumers are worried about the availability of goods.

“If retailers are able to maintain the availability of goods on the shelves, and the goods arrive before Christmas, this pre-holiday sales season could be stellar,” Jack Kleinhenz, chief economist at NFRT,said.