1,007 people were injured, ABC notes.

Shooting incidents claimed the lives of at least 430 people in the United States between July 17 and July 23. Such estimates were presented by the American television company ABC based on data collected by the research organization Gun Violence Archive.

According to the information provided, at least 915 incidents of this kind occurred in the country during these seven days. At least 430 people were killed and 1,007 people were injured. The TV channel states that the number of cases in question has been growing rapidly in recent months.

According to the organization’s estimates, in 2020, about 43 thousand people were killed in various shooting incidents in the United States. This is the maximum indicator for the time when the Gun Violence Archive specialists conducted observation data. This year, as a result of the use of firearms, 24 thousand people lost their lives in the country, this number continues to grow. According to ABC estimates, this year’s final figure may be higher than last year.

The Gun Violence Archive organization was founded in 2013. It publishes daily statistical data based on the information it receives from about 6.5 thousand sources.