An American man accused of killing one person has confessed to sixteen murders, local TV channel KRQE reports.

According to him, the accused, 47-year-old Sean Lannon, was arrested earlier in March in the city of St. Louis in Missouri at the wheel of a car stolen from his victim. Lannon is accused of beating a man to death in New Jersey and is also suspected of killing four people whose bodies were found in a car in the Albuquerque International Airport garage (New Mexico).

During the interrogation, Lannon confessed to all of the five crimes and the murder of eleven other people in New Mexico, whom he described as drug dealers.

According to court documents, the channel notes that Lannon is the ex-husband of one of the victims – Jennifer Lannon, whose body was found in a car at the Albuquerque airport. While a man has been charged with the murder of only one person in New Jersey, police are looking into Lannon’s claims.