14-year-old American schoolgirl Olivia from Georgia received an unusual homework: for one week to become a young mother. The result is clearly not like a teenager, writes BuzzFeed.

Originally the girl was going to study engineering, but decided to take a course on education of children. She decided it wouldn’t be too difficult. After all, Olivia — the eldest in the family, where in addition to her there are four children.

As a homework, the schoolgirl received a robot child, for whom she had to take care of for a week. This “baby” behaved like a real one: he asked for a bottle, cried at night and celebrated the need for diapers.

On the third day, the girl completely exhausted and was ready to return the “baby”. Olivia had to take care of the baby immediately every time he cried and find out the reason.

“It seems like an easy task, but then it repeats even at night. The child will Wake her up crying, then she will fall asleep, and then he cries again in an hour”, — the girl’s mother told.

— My favorite moment was when she came to my room yesterday, at about three in the morning. She cried real tears when she fed him from the bottle and begged me to help her because she wanted to get some sleep. Thanks, but no, — the woman added.

Olivia’s mom told the story on Facebook. Many users liked this course. Like, it will be relevant for teenagers who are in a hurry with the first sex. They also advise to introduce this course in all American schools.

By the way, the girl in the end did not get credit for the subject. But the experience she just come in handy.