According to WP calculations, the number of new detected cases of coronavirus in the country exceeds 50 thousand per day.

More than 50 American organizations that represent the interests of doctors, nurses, and pharmacists have called for mandatory vaccination against the new coronavirus for medical workers. Excerpts from their joint statement are quoted on Monday by The Washington Post.

“We call on all employers engaged in the field of healthcare and long-term care to require employees to undergo vaccination against COVID-19.<…”The health and safety of American workers, families, communities and the entire country depend on this,” reads the statement, which was joined by 57 different groups and organizations, including the American Medical Association and the American Nurses Association. As The Washington Post notes, this first call of its kind for mandatory vaccination “represents an increasingly tough position” of the medical community against the background of “sluggish vaccination rates in the country.”

According to the publication’s calculations, the number of new detected cases of a new coronavirus in the United States in early July was about 13 thousand per day, now this figure exceeds 50 thousand per day.

Against this background, many health care workers have still not been vaccinated, despite having priority access to vaccination.