German Panzer VIII Maus is the worst tank in history.

The “worst of the worst” tanks in world history is the German Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus, 19FortyFive writes.

The main disadvantage of the combat vehicle, created by 1944, the American edition called its huge mass. According to 19 Forty Five, the 188-ton tank designed to fight the Soviet T-34 could not be used on most European bridges.

“It was so large that a special railway carriage had to be built to transport the prototypes, so it is unclear how the Maus tank fleet could have reached the front line at all — instead, the front eventually reached the [test] ranges,” the publication says.

The publication also notes the low speed of the tank (about 13 kilometers per hour). “It’s more like a massive bunker on a tracked chassis than a real tank,” 19FortyFive says.