American IT companies have found a way to circumvent the decree of US President Donald Trump on the ban on cooperation with the Chinese company Huawei. The New York Times reported.

Major processor manufacturers, including Intel and Micron, supply products to Huawei, the assembling of which takes place outside the United States. Such products are not considered to be manufactured in the United States.

Supply of components bypassing the ban began about three weeks ago. According to the sources of the publication, companies from the US sell Huawei products for millions of dollars.

Trump signed a decree banning US companies from cooperating with Huawei in mid-May. The organization was suspected of links with Chinese intelligence services, which allegedly transmitted data about users.

The ban suggests that until mid-August, manufacturers from the United States can supply Huawei only those products that are needed to maintain existing products. The sale of new components is completely prohibited. Huawei estimated the ban losses at $ 30 billion.