Today, December 4, in Washington on Capitol Hill held a farewell ceremony with the 41st US President George Bush Sr., who died on Friday at the 95th year of life.

The coffin with his body under the gun salute was included in the complex of the Capitol and installed in the Central hall of the Rotunda of the Capitol.

The US Vice President Michael Pence addressed the audience, and then the speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan took the floor, who leaves this post in January 2019. Among those present was also the 43rd U.S. President George Bush Jr. and members of his family.

“President Bush was a great leader who greatly influenced the life of this state. But he was also just a good man who was faithful to his wife, his family and his friends,” the Vice President said. According to him, Bush Sr. was such a modest man that he never wrote a single autobiographical book in his life.