The author of the National Interest publication Marco Marsili suggested what will happen to the “Nord stream-2” after Angela Merkel leaves the post of German Chancellor.

According to the observer, Germany, being the basis of the European project, supports the foreign policy of the European Union and partly determines it. Berlin does not dispute the sanctions regime imposed by Brussels against Russia for the annexation of Crimea.

Therefore, by advocating the construction of the “Nord stream-2,” Germany simply serves the interests of the EU. This means that the change of leadership in Berlin will not affect the pipeline and relations with Moscow in any way, Marsili is convinced.

He recalled that no one objected to the Trans-Adriatic Gas Pipeline (TAP), which runs from the border of Greece with Turkey to Southern Italy. The TAP operator company has established strong strategic partnerships with Brussels, and the highway itself was recognized in the European Union as a “project of common interest.”

“Therefore, the difference in attitude to the ‘Nord stream-2″ and the impact of this highway on relations between the European Union and Russia is unclear,” the author concluded.