John Matze was fired by the board of directors.

The executive director of the American company Parler, which owns the microblogging service of the same name, which is popular among supporters of former US President Donald Trump, has been fired. This was reported on Wednesday by the Fox News channel.

Its journalists got acquainted with the memo, which was distributed among the company’s employees. It follows from the document that John Matze, who until recently was the head of the company, was dismissed by its board of directors. In this note, Matze notes that on January 29, the board of directors “decided to dismiss” him from the post of executive director immediately. Matze added that it was not his decision.

Democrats in the House of Representatives of the US Congress previously asked the FBI to conduct checks on Parler connected with the riots in Washington on January 6. On that day, Trump supporters, who were the American leader at the time, broke into the Congress building to prevent the approval of the presidential election results held on November 3 last year in the country, which Democrat Joe Biden won. After Trump addressed his supporters gathered at a rally outside the White House, the crowd moved to the Congressional building.

Apple and Google have previously removed the Parler service, popular with people who support the former American leader, from their mobile app stores. Amazon has also stopped providing cloud hosting services to the social network.