The Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen said that US President Joe Biden deserves impeachment because of the “Nord stream-2” deal.

Thiessen recalled that in 2019, the Democrats launched this process against Donald Trump. This was because, in their opinion, the American leader pressed the head of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, on the issue of investigating the corruption scandal with the son of the current owner of the White House, Hunter.

“Now the Biden administration may have twisted Zelensky’s hands so that he would accept the deal between the United States and Germany, which will allow Berlin, together with Moscow, to complete the construction of the “Nord stream-2″ gas pipeline,” the author writes.

According to the columnist, Biden is putting pressure on the Ukrainian president to agree to a deal that is unprofitable for Kyiv. Thanks to the new gas pipeline, Russia will be able to bypass Ukraine and send fuel directly to Germany along the bottom of the Baltic Sea, the observer said.

“When this happens, Moscow will be able to block energy supplies to Kyiv without cutting off Western Europe,” Thiessen is convinced.

Before leaving the presidential post, Trump imposed sanctions and managed to stop the construction of the “Nord stream-2.” He was incredibly tough on Russia in practice, although not in words. Biden, on the contrary, after taking office, suspended the provision of military assistance to Ukraine, approved the extension of the START III treaty, and agreed to a deal on the “Nord stream-2,” which increases Moscow’s influence in the region, the journalist believes.

According to Thiessen, Biden will not be impeached because of the “soft” policy towards Russia. At the same time, the US president’s demand that Ukraine agree to a “murderous” project for Kyiv is a “shameful act,” even if it does not entail impeachment, the author is sure.