In the USA, a woman with a shotgun came to the Capitol police, demanding a conversation

A woman with guns and a loaded shotgun parked at the Capitol police office the day before, demanding to talk, she will be brought in for illegal possession of ammunition, according to the police guarding the Congress building.

“Along with ammunition, the following was seized from the truck: An unloaded Remington Nylon shotgun, an unloaded Connecticut Valley Arms shotgun, a Gamo shotgun and a loaded Mossberg shotgun,” reads a statement posted on the Capitol Police website.

It is reported that in the middle of the day before, a woman parked her pickup truck in front of the Capitol police headquarters, which is located at a slight distance from the American Congress building.

“She told the officers that she came from the state of Michigan and wants to talk about the information she has regarding January 6, 2021,” the report says.

During communication with the woman, the policeman noticed a weapon.

“There is no evidence yet that the 58-year-old woman came to do anything other than talk. We cannot give its details, because they have become part of the investigation,” the report says.

The woman was accused of illegal storage and transportation of weapons and unregistered ammunition.

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